La Boulangerie-Best Croissant in Ottawa

My work is right at downtown Ottawa, which is very lucky for me since I can use a huge chunk of my one-hour lunch break exploring the downtown. Yes, this is my sixth year in Ottawa but still I don’t know many places around downtown market area. For those who don’t know Ottawa downtown (I’m sure there are plenty of you) Ottawa has a very nice market called Byward Market right at the heart of the downtown. There are lots of ice cream parlours, unique restaurants, bakeries, vendors selling flowers and fresh fruits, cheese stores, crafts, and, of course, tourist stores!

Since I am not a tourist, we’ll skip that part. But honestly, it’s gorgeous. I didn’t know why I didn’t decide to explore this area a little more before. Whenever I go downtown, I would shop at Rideau Centre (a very typical mall where all the stores are same as any other malls across Canada) and eat at their food court. Except one time I ate at this tourist place in the market area. How boring is that!?

Anyhow, now I am getting to know more on this area, today at lunch I decided to visit a bakery, actually the bakery that is referred by many as the BEST in Ottwas, called The French Baker, or La Boulangerie.

It was not a big place nor was it filled with countless tourists. It must be a local place! I’ve heard so many good things about it but since it is three streets away from the busiet core of the market, it seems not to attract too many crowds-which I preferred for some reason. I guess it’s because once a place becomes too famous among tourists, it tends to be more commercialized, losing its local, cozy feeling.

Anyhow, a display of fresh, colourful macaroons, beautiful petit cakes, and so many croissants and chocolate croissants greeted me. oh boy.boy.boy.boy. It seemed like they were just wavering at me as to yell at me to buy them and eat them! According to one very credible source, this bakery uses 20cents worth of butter in each croissant.

I ended up getting three of them. Just fat and gorgeous.
Whenever I explain my feelings for these baked goodies to my friends using these adjectives, my friends tend to laugh at me. But whateva, some people just don’t get it.

Enjoy the pictures. They were just very buttery, huge, and satisfying.
If you visit Ottawa, this is a must-visit place.

I plan to explore more little local bakeries in Ottawa during this summer so yes, here is the heads-up!


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