Ottawa Downtown!

It was such a gorgeous day today.
So my mom and I decided to visit our beautiful city Ottawa’s downtown. We expected that it would be packed with tourists from all over the place(and it sure was!) There is that famous Tulip Festival going on and this is the last weekend for that.

Look at this beautiful green.

Ottawa Byward Market always makes me happy. It’s full of vibrant local vendors for fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers and such happy things!

Look at those flowers. Next time, I am determined to get some.

 Busy busy:)

There was a street singer who sung a dancy song.

You can’t forget maple syrups when you visit Canada, especially Ottawa and Quebec.
There are different sizes of maple syrup, maple candies, maple butter and stuff. Oh, maple butter, you would love it! You can spread this on toasts and it tastes supreme!

La Bottega is a famous Italian deli. You can get amazingly fresh sandwiches and some cool shape pastas.

Cool graffidi guy. He drew that picture somehow backward.

Pubs, drinks, and laughter!

You can smell spring from everywhere!
I had fun exploring downtown and watching all these tourists. I should do this more often, shouldn’t I?



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