Summer and summer

As some of you probably noticed from my previous posts, I live in Ottawa, Canada, where there is snow for half of the year. Yes, you get excited for ski/snowboarding season when there is first snow, but after six months of piles and piles of snow, you somehow begin to wonder when the spring is coming.

Strangely, this year, first two weeks of April was as if summer was here. The temperature went up as high as twenty-some degrees, the sky was beautiful cobalt blue, and everyone enjoyed their flip-flops and sheer summer dresses. That was during my final exam weeks, which made it so painful for all students staying inside and studying. Then as soon as final exams ended, temperature dropped and there has been lots of drizzling rains.

But I’m still excited.
Because I know that summer’s just around the corner. It’s almost here. 
The season for barbeques, colourful berries (go blueberries!), family time, swimming, walking…
It’ll be here soon.
so let’s get ready to enjoy the summer!

P.S. So very excited for all the summer recipes I’ll be able to try while I’m at home:) Being a university student,  it’s always hard to cook at the residence room, if not impossible!


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