Roasted red pepper

One of my favourite respites from hectic university life is first, goinging grocery shopping, and second, browsing through grocery stores. I get inspirations as I walk through aisles of exautic sauces, dressings, vegetables, and anything edible!

Last night I went to the store because I wanted to get a box of breakfast cereal. But when I go to a grocery store, I never just get what I need and get out. I end up taking a look at every single aisle.
So it should surprise no one that it took me 20-30 minutes before I left the store with a box of cereal in my hands.

However, I believe it was productive as it gave me mental composure:D Also, I saw a jar of roasted red pepper! Oh, I adore them. They are a pure beauty. I usually have them when I get grilled vegetable sandwich or salad. But I never purchased them before. I saw it once in Costco but there were in a HUGE jar so that I had no idea how I was going to eat them all before they go bad (it was just before I had to leave for university, too.) But this one was packaged in a small jar.

So I came home and since I’ve been looking up some recipes that require roasted red pepper. I think I’ll go back today to get it. I’m already excited! I will definitely do some postings once I make yammy stuff with them.

It’s weekend and it is a well-earned one for me. I had a long week.
Have a great weekend everyone!


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