Peanut Butter Time


Peanut Butter and Apple Butter

Finally it’s weekend!
My second week since school started:) But last weekend doesn’t really count as I volunteered the entire weekend and was stressed out the whole time for not getting my reading done as a result of that.

I was slacking off for a while…actually for couple of hours.
I was out of peanut butter for several months but I JUST bought a new jar. I just never got around to go grocery shopping. I was so happy— I sliced a banana, smeared it with peanut butter(YES!) and drizzzzzled with maple syrup. The sweet syrup and rich peanut butter was definitely a winning combination.

Now is the time to get to work.
I have this HUGE- (ha yeah, I’m just exaggerating) economics assignment due next week. I have to get it done tonight though. After getting that done, I am planning to make a work calendar for school assignments. This way I will know what to prioritize. I should have done this last week to be frank.

Then, hopefully, I will get to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I downloaded it last night and started watching it. Unfortunately I was way too tired to finish it. I’d like to finish it. I heard a lot of good comments about this movie.

Then maybe bed?

Have a good night everyone!


2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Time

  1. i was pleasantly surprised to find out that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote the short story upon which Benjamin Button (the movie) was based, they mention this in the opening credits

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