Fun weekend

It’s hard to believe that almost two months had passed since I got back from school! Time really flies by!
One of my resolution was making postings on my blog everyday, which apparently haven’t been going through that well. Ironically, it was largely because I have been reading far too many blogs to be writing my own; however, from now on I will be a dedicated blogger!

This weekend was pretty busy for me. I visited my friends in Toronto, went out and had a fun time!  My friends and I went to this very cool and classy Italian restaurant called Dimmy’s in the Yorkville area for dinner. I had a glass of a Brazilian wine (I don’t know much about wine so I ordered literally whatever my friend ordered) and linguine with clams. It was the best pasta dish I have ever had- piping hot and full of clams with just right amount of saltiness. The wine was good but not sweet enough for my taste. But it is always nice to try different food and drinks so I was happy nevertheless. We went out for clubbing and for breakfast after the night-out! (4 a.m.!!!) What better food to have than a huge greasy plate of home fries, eggs, and toasts? It was worth every bite:)

After I got back home, I was so tired to do anything. So I decided to take it easy and enjoyed my Sunday. It was such a beautiful, warm day. This summer I plan to go to the Ottawa Farmers’ Market once a week to get as much vegetables and fruits possible. More and more I am convinced that we need to support local food to re-establish the connection between those who cultivate the produce and those who eat them. I am ready to pay the premium price for more fresh and tasty produce. It is good for the environment as well. However, there weren’t that many veggies out yet. However, the market was so full of energy and human touches that I was invigorated for just being there.
I ended up getting a basket of apples, a delicious apple pie, and a bag of maple cotton candy. I am sure there would be more veggies as we get deeper into summer. It was a fun trip!

I already packed my breakfast and lunch for tomorrow and am ready to call it a night. I am looking forward to another great week.

I hope whoever’s reading this entry will have a good start of the week as well!


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