Baby greens with warm bell peppers

Warm Bell Pepper Salad

Warm Bell Pepper Salad

It’s summer and it’s the season of salads.
There are so many salad recipes with vibrant colours that I would like to try this summer! You can use all kinds of vegetables and fruits you like and make them into salads.

Yesterday, I got some pretty bell peppers. I love sweet bell peppers because they add prettiness to any dish and they taste great. My dinner was late tonight so I came up with this salad.

There really isn’t a recipe. Basically, you heat a glug of olive oil, add the sliced peppers, sprinkle some salt, pepper, cumin, and cayen pepper. When the pepper slices become nice and tender, you can put them on top of baby greens! I poured lots of balsamic vinegar and I loved the combination of balsamic vinegar and walm vegetables.

I will definitely make this again and again throughout the summer. Maybe next time I will add other vegetables, like baby portabellas or black beans!

And it’s almost time to go to bed and get ready for another fresh week!


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