Waffles, O waffles.

Yesterday was THE day I went out to shop for new shoes (flats and flip-flops!) and decided to buy a waffle maker instead! Actually, I was a little bored and my flip-flops died last summer. It’s already well into summer and one cannot go through a summer without flip-flops; hence, shopping. There were lots of end of summer sales going on but for some reason, I couldn’t find a pair that I liked.

Heart-broken (but not really:D) I dragged myself into the Bay- I just love looking around dishes and small kitchen gadgets. Then, I found myself in the middle of a huge sales for all small electronics. I immediately started looking for waffle makers.

There have been two waffle makers in my life.
First one was a round Belgium waffle maker that I got two years ago, of which the cord kind of bursted into flame, while I was having a girls’ breakfast day.
Second one was also a round Belgium waffle maker. However, it was a cheaper one and it does not make good waffles. Ever since then, I have been eyeing on square waffle makers.

And here it is.
Cuisinart 4-piece Belgium Waffle Maker. It was so beautiful that it made my day. It has 6 different settings for different done-ness. Setting 4 makes the best ones. But since I like it very crispy outside, next time I will try 5 or 6!

Today’s breakfast was obviously WAFFLES!

It was such a happy morning.
There is just something about waffles that make you happy. It’s such a fun shape and you get to put in whatever you want, it be chocolate chips, blueberries, apples, cinnamon, or vanilla! Even better, you get to soak them in maple syrup.

Anyway, I am very excited to try different waffle recipes so stay tuned!
Hope all of you had a very nice weekend.


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