Scone Witch Trip

As much as some people believe that I do, I do not have an obssession towards scones. I really don’t. But I do get excited very much when I hear about a food place I had in mind to visit some day. Let’s say, I have been wanting to go to the Scone Witch for awhile and I hear someone mention about the place, I will scream with excitement without realizing that I am screaming in their ears.

Anyway, I have been bugging my co-workers to go there with me for quite some time, and today was the day we finally decided to visit.

It was a very small shop and there was no sitting space. You are expected to I wanted to try a basic as well as something special. So I got a vanilla cream scone and ginger current scone.  Because I ate the ginger current one on the way back, there is no picture for that:D But my friend had his iPhone with him so I saved a picture for the vanilla one lest it be eaten.

Vanilla Cream Scone

Vanilla Cream Scone

I think their scones have just the right amount of heaviness in it. I find the Starbucks scones pretty crumbly and on the heavier side, if you want some kind of comparison.

From a different angle:D

From a different angle:D

I think these scones look very happy-if that makes any sense at all.

I would definitely visit again and next time I want to try the lemon cranberry one.  But before that I want to find a perfect scone recipe first that will produce babies like these:D

It was a good trip from the office (yes, we went there during lunch) but now I am full and I want to go home.


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