College Cooking

I am finally back in school in Kingston, Canada and it has been a little hectic around here. I’ve moved into a new house and have been engaged in lots of school extracurricular activities. There indeed were lots to take care of after four months of dormancy. In any case, I got my student planner and I am ready to start the new academic year!

If there is any glitches in the past week, it would be that I have been eating poorely. Believe me, I had such a big plan for my own cooking this year. I thought I would make a huge batch of black bean chili, chickpea couscous salad, and fruit bowls and all the good things in life. But as I was settling, I practically lived off loaf of bread, cinnamon Life cereal (addictive), and a cartoon of soy milk. Thankfully, I’ve eaten strawberries, bananas, or apples here and there.

Yesterday it guess I went too far. I had nothing to eat. Not even bread. I made instant Lipton chicken noodle soup for breakfast and lunch. That was it. The worst part is that I did not have any time to go for grocery shopping till 7pm. When I finally got through my schedule and went to go get my food, I was extremely happy.

Here is what I got.
Canned bean soup for dinner
Canned lentils and tomatoes for lentil chili
My favourite Stoney Field vanilla yogurt, frozen berries and bananas for many breakfasts
A loaf of potato bread for whenever
Frozen asparagus for stir-fry or pasta
Firm tofu for tofu salad

I always try to buy fresh produce, especially during summer. I had lived up to this goal for the last four months. But when it comes to cooking for my own and when you can’t go to grocery shopping every few days, frozen fruits and vegetables will have to do. Since I adore any kinds of beans, chickpeas, lentils, black beans, kidney beans-you name it- I will be eating lots of beans. I would love to buy dried beans and cook them but for the next little while, I decided to give me a break and buy canned ones for now.

I didn’t buy eggs because I don’t usually eat them in the morning. I bought dozens of eggs over the summer but they were majorly used for my cookies and brownies. As much as I love making these, maybe I shouldn’t do so often:) Especially during stressful assignments and exams, if I make a batch, I might end up eat them all! SCARY! haha or not. Actually one of my housemates brought back a gigantic containerful of oatmeal chocolate raisin cookies and I lost count on how many of those I ate. So there you go. Lessons learned.

But I plan to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies very soon.
I’ve been looking forward to making these soft, chocolatey cookies for awhile. I already got a canned pumpkin puree and a bar of semi-sweet chocolate. It going to be beautiful and unreal.

Overall, I’m excited to see me carrying on with my cooking plan in midst of crazy academic and extracurricular engagements. It is going to be interesting but I anticipate some sadness if I don’t have anything to eat. But it is going to be an adventure.


I enjoyed this peaceful morning. I made a coffee, my room was clean, and there were birds’ chirping outside. But I have to run out soon. I won’t be back till lunch and I will be running around again and won’t be back after dinner.
But I am happy and thankful for everything that is given to me.

I wish you all a beautiful Friday.


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