Planning my day

Coffee time

Coffee time

I had a great day.
It’s the last day before my classes start. I have been a li’l busy but today was different. I fully enjoyed it.

I woke up bright and early and had my breakfast while listening to my coffeemaker brewing my morning coffee.
I suddenly thought of baking cookies. I just really wanted to make them.
I settled my mind on chocolate chip pumpkin cookies and went to grocery shopping for eggs and baking powder. It was a great walk through tiny-weenie rain.
I came back and started baking nice, cinnamon-ey pumpkin cookies. I made almost 50 cookies. I shared some with my housemates and other friends. And all of the cookies have been eaten. I was only too happy that my friends enjoyed them.

It’s dark outside and when I get up tomorrow, it’s going to be school day! I am excited. I plan to go workout in the morning before classes start. My usual morning workout routine was disrupted for the past month but I am determined to pick it up again.

It is going to be quite busy around here. But I will be planning my days very carefully and productively. I love where I am and I want my university days to be remembered as much vibrant and fun as it can ever get. I will let you know how it goes:D

Happy Sunday night!


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