A classy brunch with great friends

I’m officially back in Canada from my 4-month long exchange semester in South Korea. It had been a blast!  I got to spend great chunks of my time there with my Dad. Not to mention my Korean friends most of whom I haven’t seen since 2002. Of course there have been a lot of fooding involved. I swear I gained at least 8 pounds over the span of the exchange. I couldn’t help it:) Meh!

But for now. I’m back in Canada, to my beautiful hometown Ottawa. Since I’ve been back, there have been lots of outings with my Ottawa friends (mostly friends from high school). We went for mini golf, pho noodles, ung out at the town festival which reminded me of the festivals from Gilmore Girls, and several relaxing parties on weekends. O, there have been girls nights to watch Glee followed by the Hills and another night for movies. I feel like I’ve jammed a lot of activities into a short period of time. But, all this goes to say how much I’ve been enjoying my summer back with my Canadian friends.

One of the events was the amazing brunch hosted by Sarah (and the credit also goes to her awesome parents!!)
Oh my! The brunch was beyond what I thought it would be! Sarah served us a huge plate of fruits including mango and papaya chunks, mini bananas, cinnamon buns, avocado slices, grilled plantain slices, breakfast potatoes, eggs benedicts, and various juices and lemonades (I liked the pink lemonade:=) The weather was amazing, I was with an incredible group of friends, eating yummy food…I couldn’t have asked for a better Sunday afternoon.

What a colourful fruit plate

cinnamon buns!!

Grilled plantains and hash browns

eggs benedict

I truly love summer. For the last three years it is time that I can be back with my family, exchange jokes about our days in high school with friends, and just enjoy.
I am definitely anticipating one rockin’ summer that will beat every previous summers. And I will not say to some good food and drinks that come along the way:)

Hope you are all enjoying the sun!


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