Canada Day: What a perfect start of July!

July 1st.

Another Canada Day has returned! Canada Day brings back all the amazing memories with my friends in Ottawa. Ottawa being the capital city serves to be a great place to be this time around. The Queen was visiting Ottawa but my friends and I decided not to go downtown. We thought we would only be able to catch a glimpse of the grandiose decorations from her hat due to the usual over-crowdedness in downtown.

To recap the past few years, on Canada Day 2008, my girlfriends and I went up to the cottage and had a fantastic day sun-bathing, reading magazines, having couple of drinkds, swimming in the lake, and chatting! At night we went on a boat to enjoy fireworks on the water. It was a great day.

Last year all of our high school friends started off with a great house party and took the party to a local park, where there were fireworks and rides, poutines, and cotton candies all around! Nothing crazy happened but we remember it to be yet another great Canada Day.

This year, I hosted a brunch at my house. It is actually becoming a tradition among my girlfriends on Canada Day before we headed to any party. Since I was busy making and serving the waffles, my friend Sarah took the pictures for me. Here they are:

fruity, maple-syrupy waffles

For the party, the girls decided to split the food components. I brought these mini Canada Day cupcakes. When I planned icing the cupcakes, I thought it would be easy to draw red maple leaves, but it was actually hard. My first few tries resemble the Red Cross insignia. So I changed my plan to draw a flag sans maple leaf.

Festive cupcakes

I didn’t bring my camera to the party so I don’t have any pictures:(  But it was a fun and exciting day.


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