Back to normal life?

My sister was away for 5 weeks travelling Korea and Japan. So I was taking care of my brother, our dog, and…myself!!
Well- I am semi-good at managing myself, cooking for one, cleaning my room…etc. But cleaning the entire house? Playing with and feeding Duke? That was handful! Even though I should say I got very used to doing it by the end.

Anyway my sister is finally back with lots of gifts.  She got me some nice things including cups (I love cups and mugs), colourful pastas from Japan, cute teddy bear in Korean traditional dress for me and yummy cookies for my brother and I to share.

For Duke, she got him a Mickey Mouse hair band from Disneyland Tokyo. I took picture of him as soon as he tried that on. He didn’t like it that much:) but we loved it.

The house is kind of messy so we have this huge clean-up planned today and tomorrow. Things are going to be normal again with my sister back. I’m really glad. But for now, enjoy Duke!


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