I discovered my favourite cafe today.

I am happy to say finally I discovered my favourite cafe today.

It’s located in this beautiful, relatively old neighbourhood in Ottawa. It has big windows that allow lots of bright sunlight to come inside the cafe. Its high ceiling allows this medium sized cafe look somewhat spacious. More importantly it serves a beautiful assortment of baked goodies, savoury foods, and drinks. They have scones, cookies, squares, tarts and cakes. The sandwiches and wraps look incredible and so do their soups. Their coffee is amazing and they offer unlimited refil if you stay in the cafe. A lot of people ordered teas and they come in a cute tea pot. The prices are very, very reasonable.

I’m in a scone-mood these days. So I ordered lemon poppyseed scone with coffee. My friend from school ordered white chocolate cranberry scone with lemonade. I tasted hers as well but I liked my lemon poppyseed kind so much better. It was full of lemon peels but not in a overpowering way and the poppyseeds added a fun touch to the texture.

Beautiful ambiance

I’m so happy I finally found this place. I can’t believe that I’ve been living in Ottawa for the past 8 years and have not visited this one. I want to try so many items from their menu. Thankfully I’m here for the summer so I will have a plenty of opportunities to pay more visits.

So here goes another weekend:) I’m very excited for next weekend because I am going up to one of my girlfriends’ cottage. It should be a lot of fun and I’m just hoping the weather is nice. Fingers crossed! Happy Sunday everyone!


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