I adore carrot cake

Walking inside a grocery store, browsing through isles of fresh produce, to-go meals, cookie section, pasta section…etc. makes me happy. Today I went to Farm Boy near my house.  When I got to the baked goods section it seemed like their cake slices were on sale. They were so cheap at only $1.09 a slice for black forest cake, carrot cake, chocolate truffle cake, and cheesecake! I had to get some. A slice of carrot cake for me and a slice of strawberry cheesecake for my brother.
My slice was FULL of shredded carrots, walnut pieces, and raisins. I am definitely not a icing person. In fact I sometimes refuse to eat certain cupcakes/cakes if they have butter cream icing. I don’t like it period! I only tasted a little bit of this cream cheese icing and it tasted very rich and sweet. Good if you only taste it but I think it will be too much if you eat the whole thing! I probably will end up scraping most of it:) but nonetheless—this cake made my day.

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