Fun summer day

Around 8am this morning I took Duke out to pee and I was pleasantly shocked at the weather. Unlike the humid weather for the last three weeks, it was so cool and breezy. I could smell the fresh air and I instantly thought of taking a walk. I like this pathway along the road to Westboro region. It takes about 40 min by walk to get there and from there lots of small local shops, restaurants, cafes, and bakeries unfold. The pathway is parallel to a small-traffic road but there are lots of trees and grass that it makes you feel like you are walking through the woods.

I brought a book Garlic and Sapphire by Ruth Reichl with me. I went into a cafe Bridgehead, which is a organic/fair trade coffee joint in Ottawa. The cafe was about half full. I don’t like empty cafes:) It’s no fun!!! I ordered medium coffee and a chocolatine, which looked just like a chocolate croissant. I took a picture with my phone but it wouldn’t let me upload it:( it was very good with three thick rods of chocolate hidden inside!

As for the book I thought it was my kind of book since Reichl talks about her experience as the food critic of NYT. But somehow I lost much interest in it right in the middle and the due date was approaching (I borrowed it from a local library) I just returned it on the way home. I think once in a while it’s okay not to finish a book if you find it not interesting. There are lots others in the world that are waiting to be read anyway:0) I borrowed four other books and am super excited to read them!

When I came home my sister brought me my favourite starbucks: half-sweetened soy double shot on ice. Honestly it’s my absolute favourite drink in a hot summer day. Thanks to my sister:D

While drinking this I opened one of the books I borrowed. I got the America’s Test Kitchen. I really liked the fact that they not only provide you with recipes but also explain the science behind baking such as how to make puffy genoise or perfect muffin top!

My usual baking evolves around squares, brownies, muffins, cookies, etc. When I have time I would bake yeast bread like dinner rolls, cinnamon rolls, or challah bread. But I don’t think I have tried making pastries from scratch. So I added to my summer list that I should make croissants before this summer ends. The direction sounds surprisingly easy! We’ll see how they turn out.

I’m heading to my friend’s cottage tomorrow. It’s supposed to rain all weekend:( but I’m sure we will somehow make it memorable and fun anyway. It will definitely involve lots of smores, bbqs, popcorns, and hot chocolate. I’m so pumped up right now:-) Before I leave I have to do laundry, clean up the house, and buy stuff but I’m going to put everything off till tomorrow. After all I do things well under pressure:)

Anyway, it’s almost weekend! Hope you are all having a great Thursday night.


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