Chocolate Croissants

Remember how I wanted to make croissants from the previous post? Well, yesterday was the day I executed the plan:)
Being an absolute chocolate lover, I made chocolate croissants.

They turned out perfect. Buttery, light, only very slightly sweet. I served them to my girlfriends who were over at my house to watch a show and they were absolutely in love with my croissants. The process of making these was like a precious challenge. I have my share of failures at yeast baking but I did not want to mess this up! So I put all of my effort into each and every step and voila! Twelve beautiful golden croissants with bittersweet chocolate inside.

These croissants made my day. Will make them again very soon:) Hope you are having a nice, relaxing Wednesday afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Croissants

    • 헤헤^0^ 뉴욕에서 일하면 좋겠죠~? 혜원님도 장난 아니시면서 ㅋㅋ 그나저나 만나서 음식얘기 하면 무지 재밌을것 같아요.

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