Friday Afternoon

Hi:) A few more hours till weekend for most of you.

As I have already mentioned, I got my toenails done. So much fun. So relaxing. An hour at that huge, massage, cushiony chair. My feet were definitely treated:) It’s amazing how you feel so fresh and alive after you do nice things to yourself. That’s why I love sweaty workouts, wholesome meals, or cookies and tea in the afternoon. And occasionally a pedicure session.

Speaking of wholesome meals, I was flipping through Jamie Oliver’s Cook with Jamie yesterday (he makes every recipe sounds so simple! just love him) and ran into this recipe: Pappardelle with a ragu of tiny meatballs. I had an instant craving for this right away. Well, I guess not exactly this item but just a big bowle of classic meatball spagghetti. A few weeks ago I was watching Clockwork Orange with my friends. We didn’t really enjoy the movie but we all wanted meatball spagghetti after watching the main crazy guy in that movie eating spagghetti. Yup. Craving for spagghetti was the only good thing that came out of it. I should make some before this summer, preferably with friends:)


I finally finished reading D-Day. So much information to ponder upon, full of inspiration, courage… I really want to sum it up into a review and that’s what I plan to this afternoon.



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