I made cinnamon chocolate chip sour cream cake from Smitten Kitchen twice this week. It was that good.
Of course this morning I could not resist a couple pieces with a big mug of tea and water.

Tonight was another girls’ night with my high school girlfriends. We went out for egg rolls, had ice cream cake, and watched Love Actually (I know it’s not Christmas quite yet, but this movie is amazing any time.)

We talked about how summer is almost over. Most of us only have two weeks left till the end of summer job, one is going on a beautiful trip to Spain and Italy before going back to school…awww summer.

Five things I want to do before the end of summer:
*Make lemon bars
*Read five more books and write reviews
*Watch as many episodes of Gilmore Girls and the West Wing
*Eat many, many blueberries
*Make waffles

Of course, there are more but these are the first five things that randomly came to my mind:-)
Happy Friday night and hope you’re all looking forward to an amazing weekend.


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