August updates

Brownie batch
Last Tuesday I had a sudden urge to bake brownies. I remembered from last year how much I loved Jamie Oliver’s Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies and decided to bake that. I know there are hundreds of brownie recipes out there and I like a lot of them. But Jamie’s brownies are DIFFERENT. The concoction of pure butter, bittersweet chocolate, sugar makes it ever more moist, crumbly, and deeply chocolaty. They are high-class brownies.

I gave most of them away to my friends and there are couple pieces left in a container. They are still moist:-)
I highly recommend anyone who loves brownies to have a go at this.

Duke wanted to have a bite but being a dog means he will never, ever have chocolate in his life. Well, except the time he snatched my chocolate cupcake by accident. I was on the verge of crying because I thought I was going to make him very sick. He was completely fine. Anyway, no more chocolate for him.

duke and chicken
But my sister did get him a chicken. A bright yellow rubber chicken that contrasts vividly with his stark blackness. The facial expressions of the chicken and Duke look alike in this picture:) I love Duke.

Hope all of you have nice plans for today:)


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