Favourite food

mom's breakfast
Last night I randomly started a Notepad listing of my favourite food. Have you ever done that before? It’s pretty fun. Here is mine. No specific order whatsoever:-)

  • warm fresh vanilla doughnut from Starbucks
    Almond croissant
    Soft pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
    Soy milk black tea
    Brioche slices and nutella
    Peanut butter, banana, and honey on whole grain bread
    Chestnut puree
    Azuki beans
    Blueberry bagles, plain, not-toasted
    Plain scones with strawberry preserve
    Almond butter mixed with maple syrup
    Mint Chocolatechip ice cream
    Waffles with maple syrup
    Green tea
    Pumpkin pie
    Toast and Smucker’s strawberry jam
    Soy hot chocolate or hot chocolate from Carnation brand
    Cinnamon sugar doughnut
    Hot Americano on a really tired morning

I think I would keep this list going. So much fun.


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