When did this happen?

My younger brother has been playing soccer with Ottawa Royals for the past 4.5 years. He started halfway through 7th grade with the boys and they have been playing together outdoor every summer and indoor during winters. It has been incredible watching his weekly games throughout the year and watch him and his team develop their skills and play their best. But those days were when they didn’t have their driver’s license.

Now that they are going into the last year of high school, most of them drive themselves to games/practice without their parents (or sister:-) tagging along. My family, for one, have not been to a single game this season and we heard from him yesterday if we wanted to come watch the Royals play since it’s the last game of the season! Of course!!!


soccer mom




The weather could not be more perfect. Sunny and crisp with light breeze.
I was so surprised how much all of his teammates have grown up. They are like…adults!!! everyone was so much taller than the year before and it just felt so different. How and when did that happen? But then when I started watching his game, I was in high school:) and now I’m almost done university. I guess I have to ask myself how did this happen to me, too.

I was so glad I got to capture them play for the last time this year into pictures. It’s kind of sad and exciting to see people grow up, isn’t it?


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