I love Halloween. It saddens me that I am now too old to be trick-or-treating anymore. I did it all the way up to Gr.11:)
After taking a round in the neighbourhood, I used to count how many candies I got and trade the not-so-favourite candies with my favourites with my siblings.

That had to stop after I came to college and live in a student housing neighbourhood. Now Halloween is more about dressing up with my housemates for costume parties. It’s not mainly about candies any more. Even though we will buy some on discount tomorrow:)

This year I was a Starbucks cup with my housemate. It was fun drawing the logo hehe. It definitely took us more than we expected and truly tested us on our artistic skills which hadn’t been used in the last…5 years! haha. Also this afternoon, I warmed myself with this wonderful tea I got from David’s Tea, Kingston location. It’s called Pumpkin Chai and it was so fragrant and perfectly fitting for this beautifully cold fall day.

I’m off to do some assignments for school now:) I can’t believe how weeks go by so fast these days. It’s going to be Christmas soon<3 Good night everyone!


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