Happy New Year

Happy 2011!

I have had several inquiries from my friends throughout last year about this blog.

“Is it alive?” They would ask.
“Yes, it is. I’m just a bit consumed by school.” I would answer.

But honestly. Really. I did have time. Time to write, time to take pictures, time to run this blog.
Perhaps, the real reason was that I felt a bit lost as to what I should write about. I love food photography and that was supposed to be the basis of this blog. But since I live by myself and don’t have time, I don’t always get to cook the best meal. The end of last year was just hectic. You know how it is during final exam period: I ate on the fly.

Of course, there were couple mornings where I found myself making delicious pancakes with blackberries and peanut butter.

Or a night when I enjoyed a hearty bowle of rigatoni cooked al dante with turkey sausage and red pepper.

But those times were rare.
Most often, it was a bagel for breakfast, a bagel for lunch, and a bagel for dinner. Or the same soup for lunch and dinner.
It’s the truth. Not too exciting for pictures.

But then, over the beautiful, most relaxing Christmas holiday at home, I came to a realization that I don’t have to share only food with you. There are many more things going around me I want to capture. Like this peaceful December morning.

So it became increasingly clear to me that it is possible to write stories about me. Food will still be a big part. But so will others be from now on.

Here is to start.
These days I’m reading books on fascism. It’s pretty fascinating. I’m learning a lot and it really gets me thinking.
Hope you are all having the most wonderful start of the New Year and Happy Saturday!


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