Pumpkin scones.

One of my housemates just announced that she will make pumpkin scones tomorrow morning.
It’s almost 10pm and I want pumpkin scones. Especially the ones from Starbucks. Their pumpkin scones are so gorgeous and probably the best thing they sell at the store. To me it beats all their beverages.

Just a liltle story here: First food I ate after I came back from my 5-months exchange in Korea was the Starbucks pumpkin scone. Yup.

Here is a picture of the lovely scone I took from 2008.

Back then, I was also obsessed with this mix of chocolate covered pretzels, roasted almonds and dried fruits.
If you haven’t made this mix before, please try. It’s amazing.

The conclusion: I’m hungry!!! hehe. But tomorrow homemade pumpkin scones will be waiting for me and I shall embrace them with a big smile:D


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