No snow day in Kingston

We were ALL waiting for a Snow Day yesterday.
8:30 am— It didn’t come. No emails from school announcing snow day.
It totally did not make sense at all, too. I remember our first snow day in 30 years when I was in first year. It wasn’t even that snowy that day. But yesterday was different. I don’t recall a time where there was this much snow in Kingston. Yet, the verdict was no snow day:(

It took me a while to get around the campus yesterday:( But I took a time to go on a little excursion to take photos around the campus with one of my housemates.

Today was relatively warm but still hard to get around due to piles of snow and very slippery pavements. Stupidly I decided to go for grocery shopping (15 min walk) and even more stupidly decided to buy a bag of potatoes (so heavy!) I didn’t even need potatoes today.

I needed some coffee when I got home. Starbucks is really pushing their marketing towards these flavoured VIA coffee. Hmm. I don’t like it at all. If I try enough of them, maybe they will grow on me.  But their normal VIA is excellent!

My lunch was baguette. Half of baguette…

This weekend will be an intense one- I absolutely have to get tons of work done. That means no web surfing-while-trying-to-read-textbooks. Like below.

It’s almost time for dinner:))) Hope you have a nice Thursday!


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