A lesson learned AGAIN

I’m home for Reading Week.
It’s always exciting to come home- there is so much good food at home haha.

For example, when I got home, there was this beautiful assortment of mini cakes waiting for me. They made an excellent dinner, lets just say.

Also these truffles from a cute chocolate store called Truffle Treasure in Ottawa.

I try not to drink full-caffeinated coffee after 5pm. I get very jittery and I’ve had some bad experiences, like ending up watching an entire season of shows through the night because I had 8 cups of coffee during the day. Or having 4-shot iced Americano from Starbucks at 11pm and …not sleeping again.

But when I saw these cakes, I immediately thought about hot, black coffee. Wait— there is an amazing espresso machine in my house! I had to have two-shot Americano at 8pm. DID NOT SLEEP FOR THE ENTIRE NIGHT.

I will be so disoriented today- maybe I will take a nap:D
Oh well. It is a lesson well learned again…till next time it slips my mind:)


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