Brunch, dress, and pictures

It’s only when you are busy do you start appreciating the time for yourself.
I had a pretty busy week and I was so excited that weekend was here!

Yesterday morning I had brunch with my friend from first year residence at a restaurant called Windmills. I have meant to try this place since first year– but here I am– only 4 years later:)

I ordered classic Express Breakfast with multigrain toasts, home fries, and two perfectly scrambled eggs.

The food was excellent. Really fresh and hot. One of the best traditional breakfast I have tried to this day. What captured my heart also was these three jams&peanut butter combo that accompanied my toasts. Instead of throwing normal Kraft Jam packets, they served jams like this. The peanut butter was NATURAL kind, too. LOVED IT.

No doubt I smeared my toasts with peanut butter. YUM.

My friend ordered roasted vegetable frittata (i.e. open-faced omelet) which looked very good as well.

What breakfast would be complete without bottomless coffee? You bet we had at least 4 cups each while we were worrying about caffeine. I wasn’t too worried this time since it was morning:)

On the way back, I got my graduation formal dress! It’s silky, emerald, knee-length. I am so excited. I knew it was my dress as soon as I tried it on:)

In the afternoon, I had 2 more coffee dates with friends to catch up. I thoroughly cherished the day, this relaxing feelings, the great company, and even the spring rain.

Today is another day of work! I have a lot to get done:) But because of the break yesterday I don’t mind doing work at all. (Taking break is a truly value-added activity!)

Happy Sunday Everyone.




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