It’s sunny out today.
The temperature will go up to 13 degrees during the day and, given the sun, I expect it to feel a lot warmer:)

I love getting up early and opening the windows to let in the cool air. I sometimes did it in the bitter-cold Canadian winter and ever since there was a sign of spring, it almost became a ritual. Then I would go make my coffee, surfing the internet, looking at photography and reading some news…Morning is truly the time of my own.

Also, how amazing it feels now that I am free from studying- at least momentarily! I don’t have to feel the pressure that I should hurry and start studying as soon as I’m up. THAT IS GONE.

I was feeling nostalgic for some music I loved way back in high school. Thanks to YouTube, now I could listen to Avril Lavigne’s Complicated and the Princess Diaries OST to oblige my longing whenever I want. hahahah. I still like these songs! It’s pretty powerful to know that I can still perfectly remember the lyrics years and years after, when I already forgot what I studied two weeks ago. If only I could discover this mysterious human brain’s inner function—I would be immensely successful:)

Happy Saturday morning!


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