Time for another summer plan

I’m having a really good day so far.
I went on a coffee date with a friend of mine(the sweetest, most compassionate person ever) and visited her new place, went to church, and i’m back home. I seriously need to plan for my summer. My summer courses start tomorrow but I will have a lot of time on my hand. I will most likely keep adding to this running list. A few things that come into my mind right now are the following:

1. Pick up Spanish
2. Finish watching Gilmore Girls seasons 4,5,6,7
3. Finish watching The West Wing
4. Take pictures
5. Utilize the local library and catch up with books I’ve been wanting to read
6. Practice yoga
7. Run along the lake
8. Indigo project: there is a bookstore near my house. I want to randomly pick up a book and read about different subjects at least 2 times a week
9. Write more on my blog<3

I will probably keep adding stuff:) But this is the preliminary plan.
Hope you’re having a peaceful Sunday.


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