Life as a graduate!

I am officially a graduate!

It definitely seems unbelievable how fast the last four years have passed by. Some good moments, others not-so-great, and all filled with learning. I feel blessed to have my undergraduate years in the company of great friends and professors. They provided me with unforgettable friendship and support network. And most of all, my greatest thanks goes to my parents who tolerated my ups and downs with ever more love and who had stood by my side during difficult times. Today’s convocation was meaningful to me because I was able to make them proud. It was as much as their moments as it was mine.

Today started early by a photo session around the campus with close friends. When it was finally time for the actual ceremony, I was ready to go take a nap. The ceremony was fabulous and I managed to stay awake through endless hooding process! We all felt like Harry Potter in our black grad gowns. It was pretty funny! Anyway, in less than 2 hours, our class walked out of the building with a diploma in our hands, into the world as graduates!

How does it feel like?
On one hand, I feel like I could still go back to high school and be okay with it. On the other hand, undergraduate life seems so yesterday:) A little bit of pressure here and there for what is yet to come, but overall, I’m overwhelmed by excitement of possibilities.

I have a lot on my plate for the next couple of months. My summer will be a busy one and will certainly go by fast. Now that graduation is behind me, I want to focus on ways to make my summer as a ‘kid’ the greatest summer ever. More posts to follow on this.

For now, a huge congrats to all graduates! WE MADE IT.


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