Fabulous weekend

As I mentioned in the previous post, three of my girlfriends from home visited me in Kingston and I had such a fabulous weekend with them.

The girls arrived around 8pm. I love how it’s still bright at 8pm. Gotta love summer.
After much hugs, giggles, and occasional screaming, we headed out for a nice dinner at my favourite pizza place called Woodenheads.

I made my own pizza with marinated mushroom, boccocini and Italian sausage! Absolutely delicious. My two friends Sarah and Kristen both had some kind of vegetarian pizza with marinate mushroom and artichokes and Alex had marinated mixed mushroom salad! A few glasses of wine and hot chocolate along with our meal nicely complemented the already fabulous meal.

On the next morning, we all lied in bed, casually reading some Cosmo articles…

A nice stroll to downtown for brunch! What a perfect day.

Brunch included salmon plates, french toast and lots of coffee.

O- also bread basket:)

Dinner at a sushi restaurant.

The next morning, the girls had to leave pretty early as they all had family events for Father’s Day. After eating some homemade chocolate chip banana bread, they left! I know I’ll see them again soon but I couldn’t help myself missing them the moment they left:(

The weekend was full of sun-bathing, eating, laughing, shopping, and loving. Hope we can repeat this a few more times before summer ends. Love you girls<3


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