Moving to a new place

Getting used to a new place can be exciting but may give you this weird feeling at the same time.
I’ve moved a lot throughout my entire life. I’ve switched school more than anyone else I know. In some way I feel like a veteran in this front. Meeting new people, making new friends and making myself home at different houses, cities, and even countries.

I moved again a few weeks ago. I found myself still getting this weird feeling. Excited but detached, ever missing my hometown, and people I love. I think it’s quite normal so I am trying to accept. Do I want to ‘move on’? Of course not! I am happy that I loved my experiences in the past enough to be still missing those times. It’s a very special feeling.

I hope I get to love this city.
Have you been to the CN Tower in Toronto? If I remember correctly, it’s the second tallest standing structure after the one in Dubai. It’s my first time there. My family ate at their restaurant at the top. What an amazing view! The food was just okay- nothing memorable, definitely expensive for what you get. But you get to beat the line for the elevator since the restaurant operates its own. Also, you get to enjoy this spectacular view! I would highly recommend this to all those visiting Toronto. It’s fun.

And I finished watching the last season of Gilmore Girls. It’s one of my top 3 favourite shows of all time. I watched most of the episodes or bits and pieces of each episode. Last year while I was waiting for the internet installation at my place back at school, I watched the entire seasons 2 and 3. This time I watched the last season from the start to finish- also waiting for the internet. Life san internet sucks to be sure but it helps you focus especially if you are like me and enjoy having 3 windows and 17 tabs open at the same time and actually use them all.

Gilmore Girls ends with Rory graduating Yale, finding a job and leaving her mom and her home. It’s such a witty, heart-warming story and I adore it. I think I enjoyed it even more because I could sympathize with Rory’s life.

I’m facing my own challenge right now and it’s both exhilarating and nerve-wrecking! But I’m grateful of all these amazing opportunities.

Hope everyone’s having an amazing Wednesday night. We’re on halfway to TGIF!


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