Quiet Saturday morning

After a full week of long working days I finally found some time to clean up my room and relax a bit over a slice of my favourite lemon poppyseed loaf and hot coffee in this cold winter day.

Last week I had difficulty falling asleep before midnight but I found an excellent way to fall asleep.

1. Close my laptop at 10:30pm
2. Read a book in my cozy bed

within 20 min, I’m ready to go to bed. See- I’m the type of person who can never sleep in. I usually get up before 7am without an alarm clock. This applies to weekends, vacation days, summer holidays, you name it. I don’t like lying in bed when I’m not sleeping either. When I get to bed I fall asleep almost instantly and when I get up, I get out of bed equally right away. I utilize this side of me and used it to make myself go to bed early and it worked out marvelously!

After a good night of rest, my head is so much clearer and I focus better at work. I feel good, too! Such a win-win situation, don’t you think? Not only I get to catch up on my reading as well. During school I never seemed to find enough time between classes, group projects, social life, and work. I thought this situation would improve once I start an adult life. Now that I work full-time, I’m disappointed to report that my reading hasn’t expanded as much as I hoped. But now I have a way to make reading my daily routine.

Currently I’m reading Walden by Henry David Thoreau and Yalta:Price of Peace by S.M.Plokhy.

Walden I feel I’m a little lost so far as to where the author is going:) But definitely a good read whenever I feel tired of this busy city life.

Yalta- I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I took courses on Russian history from late 1800s to all the way up to the collapse of the Soviet Union (and a bit of aftermath), Fascism in Europe, as well as on Jewish history during my university years. As a commerce graduate, from time to time I felt my major to be a little dry and superficial. I appreciated what I was learning but I needed more from my university experience than just balancing debits and credits. To me, these three courses were an oasis. It really brought out the emotional side of me, made me think of human nature as I often placed myself alongside of the individuals from the past events and thought about what I would do if I were them. I don’t want to lose my curiosity and passion to learn history. So I’m glad that I found this book.

Hope everyone is having a great saturday morning!


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