saturday coffee

What a relaxing Saturday.
Woke up to a beautifully dark, windy weather (perfect weather for staying in bed:p) and watched An Education in my bed. Carrie Mulligan was stunning. She’s my new fave now. I rarely change my favourite actor and it changed this weekend.

I wanted to do million things this weekend and I also wanted to do nothing. Ended up eating sushi while catching up with my friend Judy and walked around downtown, went into a cafe for some nice desserts and coffee&tea and even more chat:) At night I finally did my long over-due grocery shopping and am happy to report that I stocked up on fruits! (red plums, blackberries, strawberries, and kiwi fruit)

Now it’s Sunday night. I’m on YouTube listening to some old songs…which makes me think how it could be already 2012. Where have all those years gone? Surreal. These old tunes took me back to my childhood- when I was ten-years old (90’s!!!). Those years seem so close to my heart. It’s still difficult for me to believe I’m a grown-up now. Do you ever still feel that way? I don’t think I’ll ever get used to this feeling.

hope everyone’s getting ready for a new week. xox.



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