It’s raining outside!

I love rainy days as much as I love days with sunshine. Rainy days are perfect for snuggling in bed watching favourite movies with a big mug of tea and just being cozy. Rainy days are also best for studying. When the weather is nice I just kept wanting to go outside instead of studying I guess (as was the case for all of my final exams back in my university days- it was a struggle studying in the library when the gorgeous Kingston weather was luring me to come out- drinks in patio and eating gelato? Yes hundred times over.)

This morning I’m writing this post at a Starbucks. I just had a black iced tea but I don’t think I should have- I’m shivering because I’m feel so cold.

It hasn’t been a productive weekend so far. I still need to organize my room, go shopping, and watch Hugo on Netflix. Plus I have a whole lot of other lists going on. The only thing I’ve done is my groceries. I’m set for next week on that respect.  I bought mini bocconcini, cucumber, and tomatos to make some nice salads for lunch. I’m really excited.

Anyway, I need to get back to whatever I was doing. Happy Sunday!


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