Found it.

Hi all,

The weather here is starting to get warmer. A few days of spring rain are expected this week and next week but temperature-wise, it looks like spring is finally here to stay.

I made a quite exciting discovery over the last weekend. I found a chestnut spread (or crème de marrons, if you want to be fancy) from a grocery store. Ever since I found a jar two years back (it was a Bonne Maman brand) I’ve been wanting to buy it again. But it doesn’t seem like it is common around here. So when I saw thison the jam aisle, you bet I jumped silently with joy.

I tasted a spoonful the other day. I think this brand is definitely a lot less sweeter than the Bonne Maman one. It says it’s made with at least 51% chestnuts per jar. I think that’s why. Tasted like I’m eating slightly sweetened mashed chestnuts! I’m thinking about what should I eat this with.

1. waffles
2. white toast
3. crackers
4. pancakes
5. straight out of the jar:p

I have none of the first four. Those will make their way onto my next grocery list.

Hope everyone is having a fun Saturday morning:p



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