It’s been a nice break. In the past month or so, I had these cupcakes, only to find out that I love looking at cupcakes but not so much eating them:(

Currently I’m listening to Good Life by OneRepublic.

I’m also re-reading this book, which is fitting given the times I’m going through.

and this- to remember Harry and his friends’ courage and love and also to remind myself that love is the most important thing in the world.

and this- to take pleasure in Jane Austen’s delightful expressions.

I can’t forget to kiss as much as possible to our black beauty: our puppy dog who is not a puppy anymore but will always be one in our heart.

I feel much rested now and ready for new challenges. Still a bit sad that leisurely summer’s gone but my love for fall outweighs such sadness. Welcome September!

Fabulous weekend

As I mentioned in the previous post, three of my girlfriends from home visited me in Kingston and I had such a fabulous weekend with them.

The girls arrived around 8pm. I love how it’s still bright at 8pm. Gotta love summer.
After much hugs, giggles, and occasional screaming, we headed out for a nice dinner at my favourite pizza place called Woodenheads.

I made my own pizza with marinated mushroom, boccocini and Italian sausage! Absolutely delicious. My two friends Sarah and Kristen both had some kind of vegetarian pizza with marinate mushroom and artichokes and Alex had marinated mixed mushroom salad! A few glasses of wine and hot chocolate along with our meal nicely complemented the already fabulous meal.

On the next morning, we all lied in bed, casually reading some Cosmo articles…

A nice stroll to downtown for brunch! What a perfect day.

Brunch included salmon plates, french toast and lots of coffee.

O- also bread basket:)

Dinner at a sushi restaurant.

The next morning, the girls had to leave pretty early as they all had family events for Father’s Day. After eating some homemade chocolate chip banana bread, they left! I know I’ll see them again soon but I couldn’t help myself missing them the moment they left:(

The weekend was full of sun-bathing, eating, laughing, shopping, and loving. Hope we can repeat this a few more times before summer ends. Love you girls<3

fun cookies for my friends

Smores cookies, originally uploaded by Vanilla Morning.

My girlfriends are visiting me from my hometown this weekend. And I am excited beyond measure. Summer used to be our time to come home and spend a few months of good time before we go off to school again–but it seems that we’ve all grown up quite a bit and we’re going off our own way even during summer.

We still have a few more days to enjoy. Even though I can’t talk to them all the time, I feel so blessed to have them in my heart every moment.

Anyway I baked these cookies for the girls. These turned out drier than I would’ve liked my cookies to be but still taste yummy. Most of all they look fun.

Hope everyone is having a sweet Friday:)

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so relaxing.

I had so incredibly relaxing weekend.

Saturday I woke up, listened to songs on YouTube all morning feeling the morning breeze through my window, went to the gym, had lunch, walked through downtown, shopping, sipping some kind of iced berry tea, went into a bookstore to avoid summer rain, came home, watched “Wives and Daughters” by BBC all night and fell asleep. Couldn’t have been better.

This morning I went to a little local cafe for the second time. It’s right across from Starbucks which I’ve been going for the last 4 years of my uni life. I’m not sure why I didn’t go there more often! There I spent the next hour or so reading my favourite book while enjoying a cup of French roast. I absolutely love this shop. I should stop going to Starbucks and start coming here instead! So this was a great find!

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night already. Another week ahead. I’ll probably go to bed early!

Hope all of you had a happy weekend:)

beautiful Friday

The past few sweltering days are now gone. Today is a lot better. Sunny, cooler, less humidity-just the way I like it.

Is it really already Friday? And is it really almost mid-June? I celebrated this cool summer day with a few glasses of chilled white wine, listening to some of my favourite songs (gotta love YouTube), looking up recipes…It’s been awhile since I baked. I was pretty bogged down with work that I really couldn’t imagine going to ingredient shopping, actual baking, and let alone post-baking clean up!

But today is different. It’s Friday. So I decided to bake Honey Roasted Peanut Thumbprint Cookies. These cookies were so simple and lovely. The cookie base is not sweet at all. So those of you who don’t like sweetness of most cookie recipes would love these. It is really the jam on top that adds sweetness to them. So you can definitely tailor to your preference depending on which kind of jam (sugar-free anyone?) you choose.

I think I’m going to catch up on my blog reading now:)¬†Hope you are all excited for the weekend. Have a lovely evening!

summer and books

I got a library card at a local library.

I do have one at home but since I will be spending a significant portion of my summer here, I thought this might be a good idea. I already found some really good books. I know a lot of you have read/seen Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, well that’s one of them. So much better than the movie. Especially the Italy part! I skipped the India part, so I can’t speak for that, but her adventure in Italy was a really fun story. She is a very down-to-earth person. Her honesty towards her feelings made me honest with myself while reading. O- and she is very funny, too.

I have some other ones, one about First World War and a few others by Alain de Botton. I am excited to read this weekend.

Hope you’re having a lovely Thursday evening.

Life as a graduate!

I am officially a graduate!

It definitely seems unbelievable how fast the last four years have passed by. Some good moments, others not-so-great, and all filled with learning. I feel blessed to have my undergraduate years in the company of great friends and professors. They provided me with unforgettable friendship and support network. And most of all, my greatest thanks goes to my parents who tolerated my ups and downs with ever more love and who had stood by my side during difficult times. Today’s convocation was meaningful to me because I was able to make them proud. It was as much as their moments as it was mine.

Today started early by a photo session around the campus with close friends. When it was finally time for the actual ceremony, I was ready to go take a nap. The ceremony was fabulous and I managed to stay awake through endless hooding process! We all felt like Harry Potter in our black grad gowns. It was pretty funny! Anyway, in less than 2 hours, our class walked out of the building with a diploma in our hands, into the world as graduates!

How does it feel like?
On one hand, I feel like I could still go back to high school and be okay with it. On the other hand, undergraduate life seems so yesterday:) A little bit of pressure here and there for what is yet to come, but overall, I’m overwhelmed by excitement of possibilities.

I have a lot on my plate for the next couple of months. My summer will be a busy one and will certainly go by fast. Now that graduation is behind me, I want to focus on ways to make my summer as a ‘kid’ the greatest summer ever. More posts to follow on this.

For now, a huge congrats to all graduates! WE MADE IT.

Time for another summer plan

I’m having a really good day so far.
I went on a coffee date with a friend of mine(the sweetest, most compassionate person ever) and visited her new place, went to church, and i’m back home. I seriously need to plan for my summer. My summer courses start tomorrow but I will have a lot of time on my hand. I will most likely keep adding to this running list. A few things that come into my mind right now are the following:

1. Pick up Spanish
2. Finish watching Gilmore Girls seasons 4,5,6,7
3. Finish watching The West Wing
4. Take pictures
5. Utilize the local library and catch up with books I’ve been wanting to read
6. Practice yoga
7. Run along the lake
8. Indigo project: there is a bookstore near my house. I want to randomly pick up a book and read about different subjects at least 2 times a week
9. Write more on my blog<3

I will probably keep adding stuff:) But this is the preliminary plan.
Hope you’re having a peaceful Sunday.


It’s sunny out today.
The temperature will go up to 13 degrees during the day and, given the sun, I expect it to feel a lot warmer:)

I love getting up early and opening the windows to let in the cool air. I sometimes did it in the bitter-cold Canadian winter and ever since there was a sign of spring, it almost became a ritual. Then I would go make my coffee, surfing the internet, looking at photography and reading some news…Morning is truly the time of my own.

Also, how amazing it feels now that I am free from studying- at least momentarily! I don’t have to feel the pressure that I should hurry and start studying as soon as I’m up. THAT IS GONE.

I was feeling nostalgic for some music I loved way back in high school. Thanks to YouTube, now I could listen to Avril Lavigne’s Complicated and the Princess Diaries OST to oblige my longing whenever I want. hahahah. I still like these songs! It’s pretty powerful to know that I can still perfectly remember the lyrics years and years after, when I already forgot what I studied two weeks ago. If only I could discover this mysterious human brain’s inner function—I would be immensely successful:)

Happy Saturday morning!